World of Wonders

Call me a treehugger. No, you won’t find me in Birkenstocks or switching to an all-tofu diet. But I have come to realize – perhaps through a combination of habitat-wrecking oil spills, deadly coal-mine explosions, ozone-layer-depletion-induced climate change (Who can forget the image of a lonely polar bear left to die in solitude while the ice melts beneath his very feet?), water shortages and hormone-stuffed chicken – that we better keep this Earth thing of ours around a little bit longer. You know, we only have like 4.6 billion years’ worth of history to preserve.

This blog will be devoted to all the natural wonders our planet has granted us: the places, the creatures, the cultures. Earth’s given us so much — it’s time we starting giving it a little bit back. Or, at the very least, we can start appreciating what it has to offer.


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