Lawsuit Dropped: Taco Bell Settles Beef Over Fake-Meat Allegation

(Photo credit: Marler Clark L.L.P.)

If you’ve been deterred from indulging in that “Fourth Meal” lately, rest assured: Taco Bell’s “seasoned taco filling” is really meat, after all!

Okay, so that might be a tad optimistic, considering its list of ingredients. But the California woman who sparked the backlash in the first place has dropped her lawsuit without receiving a penny, according to a Reuters report.

In January, attorneys for Amanda Obney filed a class-action lawsuit against the fast-food chain, claiming the “seasoned taco filling” contained only 35% beef and therefore did not qualify as meat under the USDA’s minimum standards.

Since then, Taco Bell has countered the claims, of course, maintaining that its “signature recipe” contains 88% meat but that “Plain ground beef tastes boring.” It also launched a multimillion-dollar ad campaign — including this television spot — to fight the claims.

But does any of this really matter? Most of the people reading this right now — or who even knew about the lawsuit in the first place — wouldn’t touch a Chalupa anyway. On the other hand, after the initial media buzz about the fake-meat claim, there was still a snaking line of cars around my local Taco Bell drive-through.

So my question to you is, does knowledge really change consumer behavior? Join the conversation by leaving your comments.


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